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1972-05-00 - Guerra à Guerra Nº 01 - CDP


With this Bulletin, the publication of which the CDP can't assure to be regular our intentions are mainly the following.
1 - To draw attention to the importance and amount of desertions, and to the pro­blems the deserters have to face in exile.
2 - To make propaganda of the revoluti­onary struggle of Portuguese people.
3 – To make propaganda of the just libe­ration struggle lead by the peoples in the colonies: Angola, Guiné and Moçambique.
Though Sweden is the country in Euro­pe where deserters hatfe leas dificulties there has been some deserters and draft-dodgers sent away.
Besides, deserters and draft-dodgers still do not get political asylum in Sweden which they have right to. What they get is merely a work and staying permission but any other assurance.
We'll give an idea about the deser­ters' situation in other countries in Europe, because there live most of the portuguese boys who every year refuse to take part in the criminal colonial war lead by Gaetano's Governement.
Lately, groups have been built in i'Efi ce, Holland and England to help desertes. This is important because it enables lie continuation òf propaganda for desertion in the country. At present deserters have to look for refuge abroad, as the revolu­tionary organisations in theinterior are not yet prepared to help their clandes­tine staying there.
The repression in Portugal has beco­me harder since the summer of 1971. The emergency state declared by the end of 1971 is being used at present in a great scale. So it's natural that the amount of people looking for exile will increase. The facilities these people had previou­sly in France are disappearing after the pact signed in Nov. 1971 between Portu­gal and France.
So it's expected that more and more deserters will try other countries: Holland, Belgian, Danemark, Sweden. In all this countries new structures need to be cre­ated to welcome them. We think that it would become helpful the existence of permanent colaboration between the seve­ral deserters Committees. The CDP is wi­lling to discuss with other organizaticions the basis, on wich that colaboration sh­ould stand.
Here in Sweden the CDP appeals to all organizations which are willing to work with us.
The CDP has allwaya demanded politial asylum for Portuguese desertera because the desertion is a political attitude. If the swedish Governement helps the liberation movements it should give political asylum to Portuguese deserters.
When the CDP was created in May 1971 the following 3 points were established as work basis:
1- Formal support to all Portuguese deserters, draft-dodgers and political refugees.
2 - General   propaganda and support to the revolucionary struggle in Portugal, to a greater isolation of the Portuguese governement.
3 – Support to the liberation movem as in the Portuguese colonies.
§ - Presently the CDP considers as libera­tion movements in the colonies: PAIGC, MPLA, FRELIMO.
The CDP is open to the colaborationaf everybody interested in the problems wh­ich concern it, besides deserters.
We thank the people interested in warking with ua to contacti

CDP-Malmo-Lund - Fack 5029
22005-Lund 5
Tel.046/130246 040/68412
CDP-Stockholm - Box 42110
Tel. 08/7440828
CDP-Uppaala - Tel.018/129112
The Bulletin is the product of the work of the Malmo/Lund section and is of its entire reaponaability.

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